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Leave destructive environments
ligious Trauma Syndrome

Do you recognize yourself from an environment centered around two basic messages: "You are not okay the way you are" and "The only safe place is here" 

You can encounter these messages in different environments. Common features are that one is initially very welcome, noticed, liked and receives positive confirmation and appreciation to turn into threats, hidden or overt. There may be threats that "wrong" behavior or questioning "rules" will lead to some kind of serious consequence. 


This can occur in many different settings, but at New Beginning we have a place to focus on closed, religious societies. There are several reasons for that. In environments with prohibitions, compulsive behaviors often occur. When it comes to religious societies, there are often negative messages and rules around sex. This can be developed intoCSB(D).    Alsoalcohol abuse is usual. What we see is that the treatment process becomes more complex when this type of experience, so-called RTSReligious Trauma Syndrome is at the bottom. 

We are very happy to offer a treatment program for this. 

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