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"Love Addiction"
ROCB/Relational Compulsive Behaviors

An obsession with love relationships, so-called love addiction can lead to many negative consequences. It can create serious problems in relationships with friends and family, create problems at work and lead to depression and anxiety. Some even develop addictions to deal with the negative feelings the consequences bring, especially during the time between relationships. In its worst form, it can lead to stalking, self-harm, violence or suicide.

Although there are differences between individuals, there are symptomatic behaviors that are more common. These include:


Feelings of worthlessness and/or emptiness when alone


Lacks a sense of meaning and path in life


Sees sexual attraction as love


Seeing romance as a great need rather than a desire 


Fall in love easily, quickly and/or often


Goes to great lengths to avoid being abandoned or rejected


A pattern of continuous dating or relationships


Often have very dramatic and intense relationships that tend to fizzle out quickly


Difficulties with trust in relationships


Has periods of depression and melancholy


Has other addictions or compulsive behaviors


Tends to deny problems in the relationship


Uses relationships to avoid emotional pain


Obsessing over finding love when you're not in a relationship


Tends to be overly involved or controlling in relationships


Need a relationship to feel happy and "whole"


Can't stand being alone or without a relationship for very long


Lacking a sense of being able to take care of yourself


Quickly becomes depressed or despairing when a relationship ends


Has difficulty distinguishing between desires and real needs


Confusing sex with love


Gives the appearance that a relationship is deep even if it doesn't look like that in reality


Below are links for those of you who want to know more about love addiction.. 


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Sanna Lundell and Ann Söderlund who have the podcast "Not your mother" talk about being a "Love Junkie"


You yourself decide when enough is enough!

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