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Unfinished Business
- relapse treatment


A program aimed at you who, during a period of your life, worked intensively in therapy to be able to make a behavioral change such as a 12-step treatment for an addiction. 


Succeeding in a behavior change is a huge victory! The joy of your success is like when you learned to ride a bike; you are proud, happy, you want to show others. You can get by on that feeling for many years. If you are a 12-stepper, you learn to never stop going to meetings and constantly live in steps 10, 11 and 12. For some, that is enough. 


For others there is "unfinished business". It can manifest as depression, anxiety and, in the worst case, relapse into one of your addictions. Among these people, the mortality rate in case of relapse is high.


Today there is little help for this client group. We don't believe that you need to start over, but that you need to keep moving forward. 

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