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Couples therapy - Relational health

A love relationship is a bit like a summer cottage - it's super lovely but it requires maintenance and there are always small fixes. Sometimes it's just a little improvement sometimes total renovation. 


A common problem area can be intimacy. Lack of intimacy leads to feelings of loneliness and abandonment in the relationship. Does your partner know when you feel noticed? Does your partner know when you feel loved? For real? Is it a small everyday gift that applies or do you want her/him to get involved in your dreams? Do you dare to be close and experience onewe? 

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Conflicts can be another problem area but can also be good - if they are respectful! It means that you think differently and are not in symbiosis with each other. For some, conflict triggers wounds such as submission, entitlement, fear of abandonment, etc. and the arguments can become dramatic and destructive. 

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Sexual aversion (SAD - sexual aversion disorder) means that sex is something one has become afraid of, experiences as repulsive or feels strong anxiety about and avoids completely or almost completely. It is common in both sex addicts, love addicts and relatives, sometimes as a result of incomplete treatment. Recovering from CSBD (so-called sex addiction) naturally means working on developing a healthy sexuality.

When you start a couple's therapy, you first have an individual conversation, then as a couple. You are welcome to book an initial couple call to investigate your specific problems. Depending on your problem, you work with cbt tools or schema therapy to create change. You also work to create a deeper understanding and acceptance of each other in order to create lasting change. 

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