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Being betrayed by the one you love the most is incredibly painful. Some relatives have felt that something is wrong for a long time but chose to ignore their gut feeling. This can lead to you no longer trusting yourself. For others, the "revelation" comes as a shock that produces strong, emotional reactions that can also manifest somatically (that the reactions become physical and affect the body).

We work to give you as a relative a calm and safe forum together with a therapist who has knowledge and extensive experience of the process you as a relative are going through. As a relative, you do not participate in group treatment at New Beginning. The process is your own. 

If your partner also attends therapy at New Beginning, there is the option of couples therapy to work on the relationship. The process is individual and aims to rebuild trust. This can be done through help with conflict management; work to rebuild trust; intimacy and communication. 

Disclosing or finding out that one's partner has kept compulsive, sexual behaviors a secret can create a chaos of emotions and questions. To relieve pain and sorrow, it is a perfectly human reaction to shift the focus from emotions to the head. The brain comes up with suggestions on how we can solve the situation; "If only I knew everything..." "If only I understood why..." "If only I knew what my partner was thinking".


You have the right to know what your partner has kept secret from you and the spontaneous feeling for most people is that "I want to know EVERYTHING".  After many years of experience, we recommend that you as a relative take the time to reflect on what youwants know and that youneed knowing is the same thing - 

What do you need to know in order to heal? You can also get help with this from our family therapist.  



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If you have questions or wish to get in touch with a family therapist, you are welcome to contact Emma Swenninger

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