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Sober Life

After a stay in a treatment home, coming home can seem scary. The time immediately after is also when most relapse into addiction or abuse. With a Sober companion or so-called recovery coach, the transition will be safer and more secure for both you and others around you. All Recovery Coaches are certified from 

Price provided on request 

Sober Companion

A Sober Companion is a person who accompanies you to support you in your sobriety/abstinence. It is a person who can accompany you on occasional occasions that can be extra triggering such as a party or business trip. We can also offer 24/7. This means that our team lives with you in your home for a limited period to create a safe everyday life. 

Recovery Coaching

A Recovery Coach helps you with everything related to addiction and abuse in everyday life - from cleaning away wine glasses, blocking mobile phones from "adult sites", supportive conversations with you and your family before an operation that requires pain relief.  Our coaches are mobile and all have their own specialty - exercise, yoga, cooking, housework, therapy, therapy dog. 

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