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New Beginning

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.

Red Wall & Stairs

About us

New Beginning was started in 2018 by Agnes Novak, who has experience with addiction problems since 2004 and has worked specifically with sexual and relational compulsive behaviors since 2013.

The ambition was and is to provide modern and adequate treatment with a wide range of theories.

At New Beginning, we want you to feel calm, safe and secure when you walk in the door. The reception is located at a discreet address and there is confidentiality and non-disclosure.


You yourself have the right to take part in and understand your treatment plan and the interventions that are recommended - nothing must happen over your head as a client. 

We work based on our experiences, accepted psychotherapeutic theories taken from addiction therapy, attachment theory, gestalt therapy, schema therapy and sexology. A pluralistic approach provides effective and ethical treatment; we use a wide range of treatment theories in addition to the concept of addiction in order to adapt the treatment to your specific needs. 


Agnes Novak
Owner and founder
Step 1 Psychotherapist
CBT therapist
Schedule therapist
Addiction specialist

Profilbild _edited_edited.jpg
Emma Swenninger
Responsible for treatment of relatives
Sex addiction specialist
Outformed within existential conversations
Cert. Int. Recovery Coach

Johan Novak
Addiction specialist
Gestalt therapist
Somatic experience

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