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My setting

As a therapist, I value the therapeutic alliance. I have worked extensively with people suffering from attachment disorders and abandonment trauma. Trust and confidence between client and therapist are essential in healing from these wounds. 


My treatment philosophy is that you comeget your answers. You don't need to look - you have them within you and don't need to search outside of you. You have your puzzle pieces. Everyone is there - no one is gone, no one is missing.

My view on sex addiction

The concept sex addiction is complex for me and I try to constantly stay up to date with the latest the research on the problem. Currently, I am critical of the diagnosis of sex addiction. Compulsive behavior does not necessarily mean that you have an addictive disease. Both love and sex are a pleasure for (many of) us and many with sexual compulsive behaviors experience a pleasure and excitement in what they do and would continue with their behaviors if a relative did not have a different arousal pattern or values regarding the behaviors. It is a fine balancing act to determine  what is healthy sexuality. Is it about you as a client needing help accepting that it includes sex with multiple partners, watching gay porn even though you define yourself as straight, practicing BDSM, kink, etc.  in your arousal pattern and dare to stand up for it or do you want to change the behavior because it creates great suffering for you; that it helps you to deafen or suppress one or more negative emotions in a destructive way?  

You are welcome to contact me if you feel you want to put your puzzle together and need guidance in the process.

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