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Cognitive psychotherapy

CBT can be seen as an umbrella term that includes a number of different cognitive and learning psychology oriented treatment methods. It is therefore not a uniform concept.


However, there are some central characteristics that jointly distinguish the various CBT models under the umbrella. CBT is characterized by, among other things, a high degree of scientificity, i.e. the basic theories of CBT are tested in experimental studies and the specific methodology is systematized and continuously evaluated. CBT models are always tested against other treatment options in so-called randomized trials (RCT) to demonstrate whether they are more effective than other treatment. 

A CBT treatment usually starts with mapping current symptoms together, i.e. what specific mental or other suffering exists. After that, a conceptualization is done, which means mapping out which current situations, thoughts, feelings and behaviors are connected to the suffering in question. If you have a long-standing and long-standing problem, a careful anamnesis (life description) of your upbringing is usually made and various life events that may have played a role in shaping the current behaviors are mapped. If the current problems are less complex, you usually work more "here and now and in the future".

Issues I can help you with:

Social Phobia

Anxiety syndrome


Porn addiction

Sexual aversion

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